Cabinet compartment with a niche for the TV, the pros and cons of construction


What kind of cabinets coupe with a niche for the TV, an overview of models

Enjoying the look of a “black and gray cabinet” is a dubious pleasure: too much out of style for many (especially designer) interiors. Of course, you can always lock the TV in a cupboard or turn it into a painting by hanging it on the wall and framing it with a baguette. To get rid of bulky cabinets, you can worry about hidden wiring and hang the TV on the wall. But this is all yesterday.

A modern option is a model with LCD and LED display, integrated behind a glass or mirror surface of the furniture or just a section of the wall. As a rule, such TVs are designed and manufactured according to individual parameters specifically for each customer. After all, if the furniture, kitchen set, flooring, doors, and accessories are customized, why should the TV be standard when it can be a truly original and striking design element?

Good furniture for the living room should combine an attractive appearance, functionality, and convenience. It is the cabinet compartment with a niche under the TV that quite satisfies such requirements, which makes it an indispensable element of any interior.

Pros and cons

Closets with a niche under the built in tv unit in comparison with products of a similar type have a number of advantages:

  • capacity;
  • compactness (saving useful space);
  • a special place for the TV (niche with a bracket, a cabinet, a shelf, a chest of drawers);
  • stylish appearance;
  • ease of installation;
  • the variety of sizes, shapes, colors, variants of decoration of the front, materials and components used in the manufacture of cabinets;
  • the possibility of making the cabinet in accordance with the owner’s wishes (the standard design of the compartment model with a place for a TV set can additionally include special shelves for a music center or home cinema);
  • visual enlargement of the room due to the mirrors (if you choose the appropriate model);
    masking of defects in wall surface finish, and division of the room into zones (with the appropriate arrangement).

A cabinets coupe with a niche for the TV is well suited not only for the living room, but also for the bedroom or other rooms, but still can not be silent about some disadvantages of such designs:

  • if the installation of the product was made incorrectly, then the elements involved in the process of opening the sashes will quickly wear out;
  • parts of the sliding mechanism require regular maintenance (cleaning, tightening the fasteners);
  • in cases where a built-in model has been selected, there are difficulties in moving it.

People who purchase closets should consider not only their positive characteristics but also those that require special attention.


Varieties of built-in TV

There are several main varieties of cabinets coupe with a niche for the TV:

  1. Cabinet – such products usually occupy an entire wall (significant size causes an increase in the cost of the furniture structure), but they can be moved because they have a frame of walls and a base, which gives the furniture the necessary strength. Cabinet models are equipped with compartment doors that close the side compartments, and the central part of the structure with niches for the TV and other items (souvenirs, photo frames, vases) remains open;
  2. built-in – such models are located in special niches and take up a minimum of space, because they include only sliding doors, shelves, and compartments without the external case (this reduces the cost of the product). Built-in cabinets allow you to save a lot of space, but if you need to rearrange, the product will have to completely disassemble and then reassemble in a new place;
  3. Semi-recessed cabinets with a place for a TV cabinet have no part of the body (only the side or side and rear walls). This form allows you to install furniture even without a niche, just choose a suitable angle for it;
  4. Modular – this type of design consists of several sections, which can be combined in any convenient way. It is also possible to complement the existing set with new elements, for example, to combine an ordinary straight cabinet with a corner one. So there are additional places for things, and the design gets a finished look.

Any of the above models of a closet with a TV can be the most suitable for a certain variant of the design of the room. You just need to decide exactly what you need for the result and, based on this, make your choice. Built-in closets – built-in closets to order, custom cabinets –

Living Room

It is in the living room, TV is placed most often. And another frequent occupant of this room is a storage system (the so-called “wall”). Modern technology allows you to place the TV right behind the door. The installation is so “smart” that the space behind the TV is not lost: you can store books on the shelves, just like in a normal shelving unit. And the door can be pushed right along with the working TV from side to side. By the way, in this case you will not have to think where to hide the TV wires and cables: even the speakers are integrated into the furniture in a special way. Imagine the surprise of your guests when your closet or wall in the living room suddenly “turns” into a TV screen.


A TV in the bedroom is not uncommon either. Many people like to watch movies before going to bed, or at the weekend to lie in bed longer watching their favorite show. In this case, a built-in TV is a good solution. For example, the TV can be placed on the front of a closet or choose a model built into the mirror. When turned off, a built-in TV will simply be unnoticeable. By the way, you can integrate your screen at a convenient height for viewing lying down – even on the ceiling (and no more straining your neck and eyes).


The hostess doesn’t mind turning on the TV as a background while cooking, and the housemates – watch something together at dinner. However, there is often the problem of lack of space for a TV – the space is occupied by furniture and appliances. What is easier: to build a TV in the doors of cabinets or on the wall – for example, in the kitchen “apron”. Perhaps some people are deterred by the fact that the screen can get dirty during cooking. But TVs integrated into glass panels are easy and convenient to clean. And they’re not even afraid of the heat from the hob.


Having a bubble bath while enjoying a movie is a dream for many. To realize it, you can hang a TV in the bathroom, and integrate it into the wall or into the mirror. Such a “trick” also allows you to view all the news bulletins right during the washing and brushing of your teeth.


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